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We at Ecogen provide top quality commercial pest control services in Las Vegas. Pests can wreck havoc on your personal life and negatively impact the finance of your business. Larger infestation could cripple your business operation and hamper reputation. It is important to check the population growth. Pests can gain access to your commercial space through different entry points such as plumbing, vents, windows, doors, hole in the wall and crack in the floor or through different supplier deliveries.

Absence of pests is essential for your business success. Customer areas should be clean, as unsightly and unhealthy exposure to pests is not acceptable. Pests can eat away at your profits, and can escalate cost everyday. Pests causes structural damage to your office building, encourages negative customer experience, damages raw materials and inventory, transmits harmful diseases, violates health regulation, cause food poisoning, decreases employee productivity and morale and much more.

You never want customers to see rodents in your business premises because that will affect your business reputation, and impact the bottom line. Rodents damage electrical wiring, and cause electrical fires in the building, which leads to huge damage to the structure, and causes high financial damage. Additionally, rodents causes different diseases such as acute food poisoning, plague, typhus and rat-bite fever.

Our team is professional, well-trained, and have very high understanding of pest behavior and biology. In commercial facilities we collaborate to deliver you the best results in pest management. We have the latest and most efficient pest control technologies. We are experts at commercial pest control services in Las Vegas, as approved by our industry experts.

We offer guaranteed customer satisfaction. We offer complimentary reservice in instance where you are not satisfied with the first service. We offer scheduled services throughout the year during different seasons. We are available 365 days for 24 hours, we respond to your service request right away. We provide comprehensive service, on-site inspection, personalized solutions, that provide unparalleled results to meet your exact needs. We provide thorough understanding of each customer’s unique needs.

We have different techniques to assess the pest infestation. We try to understand the reason behind pest infestation in your facility. We perform a thorough and all comprehensive evaluation to understand if there is any sanitation problem or defect in the structure of the building that is conducive for pest habitat or breeding. We are of top of identifying any pest activity. We make a thorough evaluation of the risk with regards to pest growth. We kick start the pest control measure by focusing on prevention methods. We start with different non-chemical treatments followed by thorough sanitation. We take great pride in being environmentally responsible. We select products that will have minimum impact on the environment while providing an effective treatment. We also recommend different facility cleaning and maintenance that must be done to make sure the pest entry and breeding zones are regulated.

We provide clarity to our customers about the services we have completed to curb different pest activities, and we suggest other recommendations that will help to manage future pest activity. We provide year-round monitoring, documentation, and communication to ensure complete client satisfaction.