Pest Protection Services

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5 Layers of Protection

EcoGen pest protection services include 5 layers of protection in and around your home. We provide effective and thorough service along the perimeter of your property, foundation of your property, sprinkler boxes, inside your home and removal of spiderwebs from the eaves. We give top priority to safety standards maintenance on every service.

We establish a thorough barrier around the perimeter to keep pests out of your yard. We establish thorough barrier around the foundation to keep the pests out of your yard. We thoroughly treat sprinkler boxes as they are common harborage of cockroaches. We establish a light barrier inside your house to control pests already inside your house. We brush the spider webs off the eves to keep spiders out of your house.

It is critical to understand pest activity and trends. Our technicians identify the location and nature of pest problems, and we take timely corrective actions and targeted treatments. We eliminate the potential conducive conditions that promote growth of different pests. We block the entry points of the pest to your home or commercial building. We provide a year-round service for controlling, eliminating and preventing all pest infestation. We ensure that the pest control program is working. We look for evidence of any continued pest activity. We aggressively eliminate all pest conducive conditions.

We use environmentally friendly techniques to curb pest infestation. We are equipped to control infestation of cockroaches, beetles, black widows, scorpions, centipedes, earwigs, crickets, silverfish, mice, rats and much more. We use a plethora of techniques like baits, monitoring stations, liquid treatments and much more to control pest infestation in homes and commercial spaces.

EcoGen’s treatments pose no significant threat to the environment, children and pets. We ensure thorough application of different treatments customized to the needs of your home or commercial spaces. This will ensure that the treatment is safe and effective.

We place traps and baits in commonly cockroach infested areas like sprinklers. We seal vents and cracks on the floor which are the entry points for cockroaches. We place baits to capture cockroaches in the bathroom, sprinklers, under the sink etc. Additionally, we use liquid concentrates to inhibit cockroach population growth.

We start with sanitation to remove spider webs. We also place traps to achieve thorough control of spider population. We pay special attention to corners of the rooms in your home. Moreover, we ensure prevention through removal of clutter from basements, attics, garages and closets

We are proud of our impeccable customer service. We will never ask you to pay for a service that you are not completely satisfied with. EcoGen’s 5 layer of protection with keep your house and yards free from filthy, disgusting and harmful pests that carry bacteria and disease. We take care of your pests so that you are never embarrassed in front of your friends and family. Call us for a free quote.