What’s the Dead Rodent Smell Like? EcoGen Pest Control Insights

What Does Dead Rodent Smell Like

A dead mouse or rodent smells distinct from other nasty odors that might invade your house. It starts with an unusual putrid scent. It smells like rotting cabbage and decay. The smell becomes more intense as the rodent decays, which makes the odor even more offensive. The longer the animal has been dead, the stronger […]

Weed Control Professional Selection: EcoGen Tips

Weed Control

Weeds are undoubtedly a serious problem for gardeners as well as homeowners with a backyard. These unwanted plants can grow and survive even in harsh climate. You may try some home remedies to kill the weeds but they tend to come back again and again. They mostly grow from the soil but can also be […]

Essential Pest Control Hiring Considerations: EcoGen Tips

Essential Pest Control Hiring Considerations: EcoGen Tips

sometimes the pest infestations in your house can trouble you by posing health threats and other hazards. There may be times when you are not even aware of the tiny creatures infesting your home. At those times, when the infestations are severe or invisible, it is better to hire a pest control professional and evade […]

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