DIY Scorpion Control: Natural Remedies and Homemade Solutions for Deterring Scorpions

Scorpions have been around for millions of years and have only adapted better with time. They are accustomed to having several predators and getting through tough conditions. Because of this, it can be rather challenging to deter them from your property, all the more completely preventing them from coming back.

However, we have a handful of do-it-yourself pest control for scorpions that serve as eco-friendly solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe. Some of these tips will require products or ingredients, while others are simply habits we can incorporate into your home life.



Adult Female Brazilian Yellow Scorpion

Cut Their Food Source

Scorpions feed on other pests such as spiders, insects lizards, and even mice, One of the best ways to naturally deter scorpions is by removing their food source. You can achieve this by applying general pest control solutions to eliminate all the pests within your property, which honestly sounds like a winning combination.

There are many pest control solutions targeted to a variety of pests such as organic sprays, traps, and even biological pest control methods.

Eliminate Shade

While it may not seem like it, scorpions are highly susceptible to dehydration and overexposure to heat. They love to stay in cool areas with lots of shade, only to come out at night. To rid them of their safe space, keep your garden and yard properly landscaped by trimming them regularly and not allowing the greenery to touch your walls. More often than not, scorpions can use this as a makeshift bridge to get inside your home.

Similarly, remove areas that can gather standing water to restrict them from water access.

Diatomaceous Earth

If this is the first you’ve heard of this product, you’re not alone. This is a natural substance made up of fossilized remains and is commonly used to get rid of several types of pests. As in the case of skeletons, these fossils have abrasive characteristics that can cause damage to their exoskeleton. This accelerates dehydration, which causes scorpions to naturally die.

Diatomaceous earth is quite intense, so lightly dusting a small amount in cracks, entry points, and even shaded areas will do.

Spray Essential Oils

The strong scent of certain essential oils is more than enough to keep scorpions and other pests at bay. Some of the most effective scents include cedar oil, lavender oil, citrus oil, cinnamon, citronella, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

You can create a spray mixture comprised of 10 drops of essential oil and a bottle filled with water. Spray this generously in areas where scorpions can hide or enter.

Borax or Boric Acid

This is a natural powdery substance that, when mixed with water and ingested, can dehydrate scorpions and lead them to die.


These solutions cover different methods of do-it-yourself pest control for scorpions. While some simply deter them, others kill the scorpions within a few minutes. No matter the solution you are most comfortable taking, always ensure your safety when managing pests. For stubborn scorpions, call EcoGen Pest Control to handle it for you!

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