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German Cockroach


This cockroach is a prolific breeder with each egg sac containing up to 40 eggs. It is the most common roach and is often found in structures. Any where there is food or water is an ideal harborage area. They can infest a home quickly and are hazardous because they are known to carry diseases.

Oriental Cockroach


They are usually shiny black but can also appear dark reddish brown in color. They seek out warm, damp areas indoors and survive quite well outside. They like to feed on organic decaying matter but prefer to feed on starchy foods. Because they feed on filth they will omit a strong roachy odor.

American Cockroach


Up to 2″ long and reddish brown in Color. They are the largest cockroach in the United States. It prefers damp areas such as sewers, basements, crawl spaces and boiler rooms. They are scavengers and like to feed on decaying organic matter. It will gain access to buildings through drains and sewer systems. It is also known to carry diseases.



They are identified by three long, thin appendages extending from the rear of the abdomen. They like to eat paper products, glue, starch and textiles. They are often found in books and packaging, and cause damage to these products. Signs of their presence can be irregular chewing marks, holes eaten directly through paper and small dark feces.



Most commonly carried into the home by pets, but can also be brought into the home on pants, socks and shoes. They like to feed on blood and live on animals. They have the ability to transmit disease. Fleas can carry bubonic plague and Murine Typhus. Approx. 75% of fleas are associated with rodents.