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Black Widow Spider


Female Black Widows are approx. 1/2 ” in size with a red hour glass marking on the underside. They have irregular shaped webs, hang upside-down and shelter in areas with little or no light. Their venom is a neurotoxin and can be very dangerous especially if there is an allergic reaction. The bite may not be felt but the pain is almost immediate. It’s recommended you seek medical attention if bitten.

Brown Recluse Spider


This spider is very dangerous to humans. It starts out as a small spider bite but their powerful venom slowly kills the flesh. It has a dark brown fiddle-shaped marking and is approx. 1/2″ long. If bitten seek medical attention immediately.

Wolf Spider


A large spider that is hairy and can be up to 2 ” They are not typically associated with webs. They will actively hunt their prey during the day and night. Their bite is rare and not dangerous. They enter the home through doors and cracks.