Professional Weed Control Services: When to Call in Experts for Effective Weed Management

When left unattended, weeds can significantly impact the overall quality and health of your garden. It not only challenges your crops in terms of nutrient supply, but it can also affect your harvest. The more weeds you have within your yard, the more reduced your agricultural productivity will be.

Because of this, it is essential to know how to control weeds in a lawn and when it is time to call in the experts.

Professional Weed Control

How To Control Weeds In A Lawn

The proper management of weeds requires a combination of an effective foundation, dedicated lawn maintenance, and applying organic weed-killing products. We bring emphasis to “organic” products since the use of chemical-based components can do more harm than good to your garden.

Effective Garden Foundation

Preparing a healthy foundation for your garden does not only create an environment for produce and blooms to thrive, but it is also crucial in preventing weeds. Utilizing healthy, nutrient-rich soil improves the overall quality of your garden, especially when you keep the soil pH level between 6.0 and 7.5.

An effective garden foundation also includes the integration of compost and mulch, as these can greatly improve the overall structure and fertility of your soil by keeping it cool and moist. This also provides more nutrients to your produce and blooms, as well as preventing sunlight from reaching any weed seeds. Moreover, some mulches can host helpful critters such as crickets that love to feast on weed seeds – talk about organic pest control!

Dedicated Lawn Maintenance

To prevent their growth through dedicated lawn maintenance, practice the following:

  • Minimize soil disturbance as much as you can by only using a narrow blade when cleaning roots. 
  • Regularly pack on the mulch and keep the light away.
  • Handpick sprouting weeds as soon as you notice them, especially if it has just rained.
  • Avoid overcrowding your plants to give them enough room to grow, access to ample airflow, a good amount of sunlight, and to be able to easily remove weeds between crops.

Apply Organic Products

A mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap can make for an effective weed-killing agent.

When To Call Experts For Weed Management

If you have applied the above prevention tactics but still find yourself surrounded by weeds too often, it’s best to call the experts and have them take care of it. There are many benefits you can enjoy from leaving it to the professionals, such as:

  • They can quickly identify the weed species and apply accurate strategies to treat them
  • To prevent an infestation, timing is important and the experts can take care of it fast
  • With specialized weeding knowledge, the experts are not only able to eradicate an infestation but can also deploy preventative strategies


Knowing how to control weeds in a lawn through DIY techniques and regularly hiring an expert can keep your garden healthy. For proper and professional maintenance, don’t hesitate to cal our team at EcoGen Pest Control.

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