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Argentine ants may seem small, but they can become big trouble in your home. These tiny invaders can form massive colonies that can be tough to eradicate. Not only are they annoying, but they also pose a threat to your food and your health. Fortunately, there are ways to control them and get rid of them completely.

In this article, we will be discussing the most effective methods for getting rid of Argentine ants in your house.

Argentine Ants in Your House


The first step in controlling Argentine ants is identifying them. Argentine ants are small, brown, or black ants that are about 1/8 inch long. They have a single node between their thorax and abdomen and have a distinctive trail when moving. When you see them in your house, follow their trail to find their source.


These ants are attracted to food and moisture. To prevent their infestation in your house, keep your surroundings clean, and store your food properly. Wipe your countertops regularly, sweep your floors, and wash your dishes immediately after use. Ensure that your garbage cans have airtight lids, and do not leave pet food out for extended periods.


Baiting is an effective way to control Argentine ants. You can buy bait stations or make your own using a mixture of boric acid and sugar water. Place the bait near the ant trail, and let them feed on it. This will allow the ants to carry the poison back to their colony, ultimately leading to the colony’s demise.

Pest Control Services

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get rid of the Argentine ant infestation, it’s time to call a pest control company. They have a range of effective treatments that can eliminate infestation. They can use liquid or granular insecticides, dust, or baiting techniques to control and eradicate the ants.


Once you have successfully eliminated the Argentine ant infestation in your house, take measures to prevent their return. Seal all gaps, crevices, and cracks around your windows, doors, and walls to prevent ants from entering your house. Trim tree branches and shrubs near your house to prevent ants from using them as a bridge to enter your home.

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Getting rid of Argentine ants in your house takes patience, persistence, and a combination of methods. By practicing cleanliness, using bait stations, and preventing their return, you can effectively control and eradicate an Argentine ant infestation. If you’re having trouble getting rid of the ants, you can contact pest control services for help. Remember, the best way to fight an infestation is to catch it early and act swiftly.

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